Student Life

UNSW Business School offers you a dynamic learning environment with all the study, support and social facilities you need to make the most of every day on campus.

Connect to the UNSW Business School community and find out more about the information, services and people you’ll need during your study.

Gain invaluable skills, experiences and connections to industry and the UNSW alumni community with Career Accelerator. As a UNSW Business School student, you’ll have access to a suite of experiences including mentoring programs, networking events and placement opportunities.

When you study at UNSW Business School, you join our thriving community made up of fellow students, academics, affiliated clubs and societies, alumni, and industry partners. Whether you’re studying online or on campus, you’ll feel the support and guidance from our diverse and inclusive learning community.

Find out more about the way we recognise academic excellence and student potential with scholarships, awards, and prizes. Whether you’re a high school leaver, an undergraduate student or a postgraduate student, UNSW Business School offers a multitude of opportunities in conjunction with our generous donors.

We provide a wide range of resources to ensure students are well informed on their study options. Our course essentials will cover questions and information regarding program coordinators, credit transfer guides, progression plans, cross institutional study, FAQs and much more.

Take advantage of our study support opportunities to ensure your academic success. Access our handy learning support and tools to prepare for assessments or explore our digital learning environment to ensure your online study is efficient and rewarding.