SDGs in Action

UNSW Business School focuses its research and external engagement activities to help achieve the UN SDGs.

UNSW Business School SDG Committee, World Oceans Day edible cup, 8 June 2023,

UNSW's Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is evident across its research, teaching, and other activities, with sustainability integrated across all aspects of academic functions. 

Many UNSW leaders, educators, subject matter experts, alumni, and students have shared how they are implementing the UN SDGs into their careers and research projects. The contribution to UN SDGs through research and their integration into the University's teaching are key aspects of UNSW's commitment to a sustainable future. To this end, UNSW has launched its Sustainable Development Goals Toolkit, an educational resource that is designed to engage students in contemporary sustainability issues and inspire our future leaders to contribute to a more sustainable world.

SDGs in Research

BusinessThink and the UNSW Business School SDG Committee have created an article repository with links to over 70 articles that reference relevant Industry case studies and/or research conducted by UNSW Business School Academics that address the UN's SDGs. A Few of these articles have been highlighted below. 

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Building a greener future: how Lendlease manages sustainability

SDG 9 - Industry innovation and infrastructure

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How sustainable are the links in the world’s food supply chains?

SDG 12 - Responsible consumption/production in ways of working




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SDGs in Practice and Community

Current UNSW Business School Students and Alumni, who share their commitment to creating a more sustainable future through their careers and personal agency.

SDGs in Conversation

In the UNSW Business School's podcast series, a diverse group of business leaders from academia, corporate industries, start-ups, government, and for-purpose sectors share their lived experiences in building businesses that can 'do well and do good'.

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The progress principle: Climate resilience and the jobs of the future

The Business Of Climate Resilience  – Penny Joseph is the Head of Climate Resilience at major Australian electricity provider Ausgrid, but when she began her career, this type of role didn’t exist. 

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Risky business: Adapting to climate change could ‘insure’ a better future

The Business Of Climate Risk – As our climate and weather patterns continue to change at pace, the unexpected is really all we can expect now. How do businesses like insurers plan for risk and implement resilience strategies in the face of uncertainty?  

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Policy in the slow lane: Can we speed up change and drive down emissions?

The Business Of Climate Policy — Before we change behaviour, we need to change policy. How can we accelerate the shift to greener, cleaner vehicles, and move away from our reliance on fossil fuels?

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How ethical is your supply chain?

The Business of Supply — Why are some organisations still struggling to embed ethical and sustainable business practices in their supply chains?

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Disrupting the food chain

The Business of Supply — Between recent geopolitical conflict, and devastating disruptions to supply lines, what is the current state of food today?

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Burning Up: What will we do when the energy runs out?

The Business of Supply — Today, energy markets are in a state of intense flux. How can leaders inside and outside the energy sector best keep up, and plan for the secure future of their industry?

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The Business of Mental Health

This episode unpacks how COVID-19 has digitised mental health support services.

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The Business of Climate Change

This episode explores how climate change is impacting business, industry and global markets, and what we all can do to address it.

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The Business of Food

This episode investigates how the food industry is responding to the sustainable food movement.

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The Business of Sustainable Leadership

This episode examines sustainable business models and a prevalent issue in global supply chains — modern slavery.

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SDGs in Strategy

UNSW's commitment to improving the quality of life for people in Australia and around the world, through partnerships, thought leadership, engagement with decision-makers, sustainable development and a commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion is confirmation of our conviction that we have a role to play In working towards the SDGs.

UNSW works to achieve the SDGs through innovative research that improves lives, producing socially aware and globally focused graduates, and by building strategic partnerships in Australia, the Asia-Pacific region and across the world. In this way, we expand our global impact. address contemporary challenges and take advantage of new opportunities in research and education. 

UNSW SDG Reports 

UNSW Sustainable Development Goals 2022 Report

UNSW Sustainable Development Goals 2020 - 2021 Report

UNSW Environmental Sustainability Report 2022

UNSW EnvironmentaI Sustainability Plan 2022 - 2024


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