Deepen your expertise and gain advanced research skills. Studying honours gives you a competitive edge when you graduate.

With an honours degree, you’ll complete an independent research project and advanced coursework in the area of business that you’re passionate about. Honours programs add one-year of study to your undergraduate degree (when studied full-time). They can be a springboard into new career opportunities, postgraduate study, and higher degree research, both in Australia and overseas.

Why study honours at UNSW Business School? 

As an honours student with UNSW Business School, you’ll join a cohort that’s recognised and valued for its contributions to research. You’ll develop your own research thesis, connect with our world-renowned thought-leaders, and benefit from a career-focused education.

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Research skills

Develop your

Your honours thesis is an independent research project that combines theory, methods, creativity, and communication skills.

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Deepen your

Honours gives you the opportunity to become an expert in the field of business that interests you the most.

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Advance your

With advanced research, problem-solving, communication, and analytical skills, you’ll stand out in the eyes of employers.

Explore our honours degrees

Explore by study area

There may be a number of paths into an honours degree in your area of study. For example, if you want to study Finance, you might study a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) with a major and honours thesis in Finance. You can explore our study areas below to find out what path you could take.

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"UNSW gave me the technical skills to succeed as a professional, but it also gave me the broad perspectives on economic issues which I take into my role at the Commonwealth Treasury."

Thomas Houlden

Economics (Honours) graduate

How to apply

Your eligibility will depend on your WAM and thesis proposal. Usually, an application for an honours program will require:

  • A current academic transcript in electronic format
  • A 300-600 word thesis proposal
  • A CV with at least one academic referee
  • As an option, you could also consider including a statement of purpose highlighting research interests and academic strengths or any other relevant supporting documents. 

Applications for individual honours programs may vary. To find out about specific requirements for individual programs, please refer to the handbook page for that honours program, or discuss your application with the program coordinator.

Applications for honours are submitted through our  Apply Online portal. We encourage you to submit your completed application as early as possible to ensure it will be processed in time for your preferred term

Honours Scholarship

The UNSW Business School Honours Scholarships provides financial support for outstanding students in their honours year. If you’re motivated, passionate, and meet the entry requirements to study honours, we encourage you to apply.

Looking for more information?

If you have any questions or need personalised advice, get in touch with us. We’re here to help.