The coordinators listed below can provide discipline-related information about the courses, the program content, and opportunities and careers in the discipline.

Have a look below for our list of postgraduate and undergraduate Program Directors and Stream Coordinators.

Senior Deputy Dean (Education and Student Experience)

Professor Mark Uncles

Associate Dean (Undergraduate Programs)

Professor Christine Mathies

Associate Dean (Postgraduate Programs)

Associate Professor Maurizio Floris

Postgraduate Program Directors by Program

Program Name
Master of Actuarial Studies
Master of Actuarial Studies (Extension)
Katja Ignatieva
Master of Applied Economics
Graduate Certificate in Economics
Nalini Prasad
Master of Applied Finance (UNSW Online)
Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance
Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance
Luis Filipe Goncalves-Pinto
Master of Commerce
Master of Commerce (Extension)
Maurizio Floris
Master of Finance Alexandre Jeanneret
Master of Financial Analysis Konark Saxena
Master of Financial Technology (UNSW Online)
Graduate Certificate in Financial Technology
Graduate Diploma in Financial Technology
Benjamin Loos
Master of International Business
Jacqueline Mees-Buss
Master of Professional Accounting
Master of Professional Accounting (Extension)
Lili Dai
Master of Taxation
Graduate Certificate in Taxation
Rodney Brown
MBA (Full-Time) Program Michele Roberts

Postgraduate Stream Coordinators by Specialisation

Specialisation Name
Accounting Lili Dai
Business Analytics Jacky Mo
Cybersecurity, Risk & Privacy KF (Henry) Cheung
Digital Transformation Kevin Kuan
Economics & Finance Rachida Ouysse
Financial Technology Yiping Lin
Finance Wing Wah-Tham
Global Sustainability and Social Impact Alex Bruce
Human Resource Management Josh Keller
International Business Jacqueline Mees-Buss
Marketing Heather Crawford
Marketing Analytics Junbum Kwon
Risk Management Shirley Huang
Strategy & Innovation Steven Lui

Master of Analytics (UNSW Online) Stream Coordinators

Program Name
Master of Analytics (UNSW Online) - Analytics George Joukhadar
Master of Analytics (UNSW Online) - Marketing Analytics Terrence Chong

Undergraduate Program Director by Program

Program Name
Bachelor of Actuarial Studies
Kevin Liu
Bachelor of Commerce & Bachelor of Commerce (International) Christine Mathies
Bachelor of Economics
Shengyu Li
Bachelor of Information Systems Carmen Leong

Undergraduate Stream Coordinators by Major

Major Name
Accounting  Conor Clune
Business Analytics  Sam Kirshner
Business Economics
Behavioral Economics
Shengyu Li
Finance  David Colwell
Financial Technology Yiping Lin
Human Resource Management  Josh Keller
Information Systems  Mairead O'Connor
Innovation, Strategy & Entrepreneurship   Steven Lui
International Business Jacqueline Mees-Buss
Marketing  Stephan Tseng
Taxation  Michael Walpole

Honours Coordinators by Discipline

Discipline Name
Accounting, Auditing & Taxation Per Tronnes
Banking & Finance  Mark Humphery-Jenner 
Economics  Tess Stafford 
Information Systems and Technology Management Sam Kirshner
Marketing  Jihwan Moon
Risk & Actuarial Studies  Fei Huang

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