Associate Dean (Postgraduate)

Dr Maurizio Floris

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Organisational Studies from the University of Sydney (2014)
  • Masters in Sociology of Knowledge/ Philosophy (M.Sc.) from the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands) (1993)
  • Ingenieur (Ir. postgraduate) in Development Economics from Wageningen University (Netherlands) (1989)
Business School
Education Qual & Sup

Maurizio is the Associate Dean Postgraduate Programs and Director for the Master fo Commerce Program at the Business School. 

Prior to taking up this role in 2023, he was Director for Part-time Programs (MBAX, MBA Executive) at the AGSM since March 2020. Before that, Maurizio was Director for Leadership Development at the John Grill Centre (University of Sydney), and Program Director (Strategy and Leadership) at Melbourne Business School. In these capacities Maurizio has led many Executive Development programs in Australia and overseas. He also taught post-graduate and MBA courses at the University of Sydney's Business School and was acting Director for its MBA program.

Before joining academia in 2007, Maurizio worked in industry for nearly 20 years. This includes roles as CEO of Impart Corporation (an Oracle/uni JV), General Manager with Chubb, Senior Strategy Consultant with Accenture, co-founder of Dutch engineering company DAE BV, and Development Economist with the Royal Tropical Institute. During that time Maurizio has worked in Australia, Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Over the years Maurizio has worked with many leading corporations (across Finance, FMCG, Energy, Mining, Publishing, Telecoms), including BHP, Bluescope, Caltex, CCH (Wolters Kluwer), Energex, Energy Australia, Gilette, LendLease, LexisNexis (Butterworth), McDonald's, OneSteel, Optus, QBE, St. George Bank, Telstra, United Energy, Vodafone;  and government/ regulatory organisations, including ABS, ATO, Australian Defence Forces (CASG; RAN), Australian Federal Police, Dept. of Treasury, Singapore Navy, Securities Institute, Transport for NSW.


Quadrangle Building, West Wing, Room 1038E, Kensington Campus | UNSW Sydney 2052
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  • Best Continuing Education” (2017) from the Project Management Institute for the Executive Leadership in Major Projects program (University of Sydney).

  • Best Graduate Program” (2008, 2009 and 2010) from the Australian Association of Graduate Employers for BHP's Global Graduate Talent program (Melbourne Business School).

  • Best Online/Multi-media Learning Program” (2001) from the Australian Interactive Multimedia Industry Association for a Pilotage Simulation program for navy officers from Singapore and Australia.

From a research perspective Maurizio is particularly interested in human development and impactful capability development for senior leaders through interventions that increase their skills as well as their capability to cope with increasing cognitive and emotional complexity. His research has been published in leading journals like the Journal of Management Studies, Research in the Sociology of Organisations, the Academy of Management Proceedings, the International Journal of Project Management, and the Project Management Journal

My Teaching

  • MBAX9131 Leadership