Student Experience

Studying at the UNSW Business School gives you access to a range of resources and experiences to enrich your university experience.

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There are so many ways to get involved. Find out more about our student clubs, societies, internships, and our Career Accelerator program. 

Student clubs & societies

Our clubs and societies will allow you to make the most out of university life. Join to get involved with other like-minded students and enrich your time on campus, or to explore professional development. With hundreds of student organisations across UNSW, you can find a group to call your own.

Career accelerator

Gain the skills, experiences and connections to industry and the UNSW alumni community with Career Accelerator. UNSW Business School offers specialised internships, mentoring and networking events, as well as student exchange and global opportunities.

Scholarships & prizes

Thanks to our generous supporters, we’re able to support students with varying backgrounds and academic abilities with an extensive selection of scholarships and awards. We’ll help relieve the financial pressure of study so you can accelerate your studies and career.

Study support

Discover our wide range of resources and tools tailored to enhance your learning experience. You can access our digital campus, peer mentoring, IT and administration assistance, so you’ll feel supported in your studies.