Connect with undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA students through Career Accelerator

Organisations of all sizes can help us develop our students with the skills needed to accelerate their career through experiences and industry connections.

Career Accelerator connects Business School and AGSM students to industry to help them prepare for their future career. Individuals and organisations are able to support a range of programs to share knowledge, expand student experiences and work in partnership with the Business School and AGSM. The Career Accelerator team is dedicated to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships for industry, students and academics.

There are a range of ways you can get involved.

You could have a specific business case for a student to work on, or you may be able to offer insight into your area of specialisation by delivering a workshop or participating in a panel discussion. Another mutually valuable option is to become a mentor to students, where you have the chance to draw on your professional experiences to guide and inspire the next generation of business leaders.

We consider our industry partnerships as long-term relationships which grow and evolve alongside your business needs. We work with you around your commitments and take pride in preparing the students in the best way to ensure they give as much to the relationship as they get. Contact us any time to discuss options to connect with our students.

Host an intern from one of UNSW Business School’s undergraduate, postgraduate and AGSM programs at your organisation

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Become a mentor and draw on your professional experiences to guide and inspire the next generation of business leaders.

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Share professional insight in your relevant field of expertise and inspire UNSW Business School students.

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Help students practice what they’ve learned, while sampling their skills and value in real life settings.

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The work that UNSW interns have done for Export Connect has been extremely useful and we recommend the UNSW industry experience program to students and businesses. Export Connect internship opportunities focus on client, stakeholder, portal and business projects, providing UNSW students with 'live' deliverables and milestones. In return, we have had the privilege of working with dedicated and bright students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. We look forward to continuing our relationship with UNSW to help develop highly capable and globally minded graduates!

- Oujan Paad, Export Connect, Business Development & Project Manager


  • Please contact us to explore your ideas and requirements with one of our industry engagement officers. We offer a variety of opportunities for companies to engage with students, including involvement in courses, programs, workshops, or ad-hoc activities, with different levels of commitment.

    Furthermore, we are always open to discussing innovative opportunities that can enhance the student experience and provide benefits to your organization.

    Please contact us via: 

  • We work alongside you, within your time constraints. It could be as little as a one-off career conversation with a small group of students lasting no more than an hour. Or, if you have a project on which you would value the perspective of a student, you could engage them as an intern for a 10 week period, for which they have the potential to earn credit towards their degree.

    As we build our relationship together, more and more opportunities to work in partnership may become possible. You could be invited to contribute to panel discussions, to deliver workshops, to be featured in university communications or be invited to represent your organisation at career fairs. This is an opportunity for you to develop your own leadership skills, to introduce your organisation to upcoming graduates and to meet the business leaders of the future.

  • We collaborate with industry partners across Australia and around the world to align our course offerings and programs. Whether you prefer virtual interactions or having our students visit your location, there are various opportunities available to accommodate everyone.