The UNSW Business School is committed to gender equity and inclusion and embraces UNSW Strategy 2025+. Learn more about UNSW gender equity targets and special recruitment measures on Equity Diversity & Inclusion

Women are underrepresented in senior academic and leadership roles, in Business Programs, and Industry leadership. The UNSW Business School understands that gender equity is a fundamental aspect of our Faculty Strategy, as is being leaders in inclusion.

UNSW Business School is committed to identifying and addressing the inequities and challenges facing women in higher education and research. We have implemented several strategies to ensure equity in recruitment, retention, development opportunities and promotion of women in both academic and professional staff roles. Over the past 5 years, we have almost doubled the number of women in Associate Professor and Professor roles.

Business School initiatives include: 

Key UNSW offerings:

The Panel Pledge 

UNSW Business School has committed to the 'Panel Pledge', ensuring consideration is given to the representation of women at the planning stage regarding conferences, lectures, and events with the aim of gender parity. The Business School encourages all staff to take the Pledge. UNSW has prepared the following Panel Pledge Guidelines.