Research Grants

We’re proud to be the recipient of many Australian Research Council grants, funding important research projects that make a tangible difference to our economy and society. Our ARC grant outcomes are testament to our external reputation for high-quality research. 

ARC Grant Outcomes 2021

Discovery grants: $3,450,120
Future Fellowships: $1,013,480
Grants administered through other faculties or universities: $729,915 

Optional tax policy meets modern labour supply theory 
Investigators: Professor Michael Keane; Professor Alan Woodland 
School: Economics 
Amount of grant: $1,503,914 

Bayesian inference for psychological theories with intractable likelihood 
Investigators: Professor Robert Kohn; Professor Scott Brown; Dr Minh-Ngoc Tran; Dr David Gunawan 
School: Economics 
Amount of grant: $378,500 

Statistical analysis of state-dependent government spending multipliers 
Investigators: Dr Seojeong Lee; Dr Bonsoo Koo 
School: Economics 
Amount of grant: $336,939 

Forecasting and financing healthy ageing and aged care in Australia 
Investigators: Associate Professor Jonathan Ziveyi; Dr Yang Shen; Professor Michael Sherris; Associate Professor Jeromey Temple 
School: Risk and Actuarial Studies 
Amount of grant: $386,139 

Collective action and collaborative governance in crisis situations 
Investigators: Professor Dr Markus Höllerer; Associate Professor Paul Spee; Dr Graham Dwyer 
School: Management 
Amount of grant: $844,628 

Resilient democracy for the 21st century
Investigator: Associate Professor Gabriele Gratton
School: Economics 
Amount of grant: $1,013,480

Financial performance, uncertainty and corporate investment decisions 
Administering university: University of Technology, Sydney 
Investigators: Professor Stephen Taylor; Associate Professor Andrew Jackson; Associate Professor Yaowen Shan 
Type of grant: Discovery 
Amount of grant: $223,915 

Networks in Flux: Examining how sector relationships adapt to rapid change 
Administering university: La Trobe University 
Investigators: Dr Graham Brown; Professor Alan Shiell; Associate Professor Cynthia Webster; Professor Martin Holt; Associate Professor Peter Higgs; Dr Joseph Doyle; Professor Robyn Keast 
School: Centre for Social Impact 
Type of grant: Discovery 
Amount of grant: $506,000 

ARC Grant Outcomes 2020 

Discovery grants: $644,000 
Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA): $819,389 
Grants administered through other faculties or universities: $336,532 

Shock model-based framework for modelling correlated large losses 
Investigators: Associate Professor Jae Kyung Woo; Associate Professor Chi Kin Eric Cheung; Professor Dr Hansjoerg Albrecher; Professor Gordon Willmot 
School: Risk and Actuarial Studies 
Amount of grant:$334,000 

Extreme value theory approaches to insurance in a catastrophic environment 
Investigators: Professor Qihe Tang; Associate Professor Benjamin Avanzi; Associate Professor Bernard Wong; Associate Professor Jose Blanchet 
School: Risk and Actuarial Studies 
Amount of grant: $310,000 

Tool of racial control: an economic analysis of laws vs. violence 
Investigators: Dr Sarah Walker 
School: Economics 
Amount of grant: $399,350 

Demystifying puzzles in retirement planning 
Investigators: Dr Yang Shen 
School: Risk and Actuarial Studies
Type of grant: $420,039

Making policy reform work: a comparative analysis of social procurement 
Administering university: Swinburne University of Technology 
Investigators: Professor Josephine Barraket; Professor Martin Loosemore; Associate Professor Gemma Carey; Dr Emma Lee; Professor Michael Roy 
Type of grant: Centre for Social Impact 
Amount of grant: $336,532 

ARC Grant Outcomes 2019 

Discovery grants: $1,848,899 
Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA): $317,000 
Future Fellowships: $998,299 
Linkage Grants: $261,000 
Grants administered through other faculties or universities: $213,00 

Rank-dependent choice equilibrium 
Investigators: Professor Jacob Goeree; Dr Philippos Louis 
School: Economics  
Amount of grant: $429,660 

Improving payments for ecosystems services efficacy 
Investigators: Dr Sarah Walker; Associate Professor Anne Bartlett; Associate Professor Jennifer Alix-Garcia; Professor Volker Radeloff 
School: Economics  
Amount of grant: $579,239 

Wicked defaults: how to overcome the dark side of choice architecture 
Investigators: Professor Andreas Ortmann; Associate Professor Tom Wilkening; Dr Jingjing Zhang; Professor Dmitry Ryvkin 
School: Economics 
Amount of grant: $174,000 

Digital nomadism: How IT enables new forms of working and organising 
Investigators: Professor Dubravka Cecez-Kecmanovic; Dr Daniel Schlagwein; Professor John Campbell; Professor Olivera Marjanovic; Associate Professor Mari-Klara Stein; Professor Tina Jensen 
School: Information Systems and Technology Management 
Amount of grant: $390,000 

A robust approach to designing mechanisms for budget constrained agents 
Investigators: Associate Professor Juan Carlos Carbajal; Dr Ahuva Mu'alem Weil 
School: Economics  
Amount of grant: $150,000 

An economic analysis of multi-period reform programs 
Investigators: Associate Professor Juan Carlos Carbajal; Professor John Ledyard 
School: Economics  
Amount of grant: $126,000 

Technological change: Impact on labour, capital and policy 
Investigator: Dr Evgenia Dechter  
School: Economics  
Amount of grant: $371,000 

Origins, evolution, and economic cost of gender norms 
Investigator: Professor Pauline Grosjean  
School: Economics  
Amount of grant: $998,299 

Policy modelling for aging in emerging economics: The case of Indonesia 
Investigators: Dr George Kudrna; Professor John Piggott; Mr Robert Palacios; Dr Maliki Maliki; Professor Peter McDonald 
Schools: CEPAR and Economics  
Amount of grant: $261,000 

Information acquisition and voting behaviour 
Administering university: The University of Queensland 
Investigators: Dr Carlos Pimienta (School of Economics); Dr Marco Faravelli; Dr Haishan Yuan 
Type of grant: Discovery  
Amount of grant: $213,000 

ARC Grant Outcomes 2018 

Discovery grants: $872,358 

Elevating auditor professional scepticism by way of improved regulation 
Investigators: Professor Ken Trotman; Associate Professor Noel Harding 
School: Accounting 
Amount of grant: $244,250 

Venture Capitalist Networks and the Financing of Innovation 
Investigators: Associate Professor Jason Zein; Associate Professor Ludovic Phalippou; Associate Professor Peter Pham; Dr Jared Stanfield 
School: Banking and Finance 
Amount of grant: $279,196 

Flexible models and methods for cognitive model-based decision-making 
Investigators: Professor Robert Kohn; Professor Scott Brown; Dr Minh-Ngoc Tran 
School: Economics  
Amount of grant: $348,912 

ARC Grant Outcomes 2017 

Discovery grants: $1,238,000 
Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA): $642,000 
Linkage projects: $126,728 
Grants administered through other faculties or universities: $1,277,500 

Natural Resources and Ecosystem Services in Productivity Measurement 
Investigators: Professor Kevin Fox; Professor Rupert Grafton; Mr Carl Obst; Professor Erwin Diewert 
School: Economics (and Centre for Applied Economic Research)  
Amount of grant: $320,000 

Decentralized assets trading, centralized clearing and systemic risk 
Investigators: Associate Professor Benoit Julien; Dr Guillaume Roger  
School: Economics  
Amount of grant: $139,000 

Productivity, growth and unemployment in economies with frictions 
Investigators: Associate Professor Benoit Julien; Assistant Professor Liang Wang; Professor Randall Wright; Professor Ian King  
School: Economics  
Amount of grant: $165,000 

Retirement Income Product Innovation 
Investigators: Professor Michael Sherris; Dr Jonathan Ziveyi; Professor Annamaria Olivieri  
School: Risk & Actuarial Studies (and CEPAR)  
Amount of grant: $350,000 

Investment Irreversibility, Policy Uncertainty, and Hedging Strategies 
Investigators: Associate Professor Li Yang; Professor Douglas Foster  
School: Banking & Finance  
Amount of grant: $264,000 

Competition in Persuasion 
Investigator: Dr Keiichi Kawai  
School: Economics  
Amount of grant: $311,00 

Misspecification-robust inference for models of economic behaviour 
Investigator: Dr Seojeong (Jay) Lee  
School: Economics  
Amount of grant: $331,000 

Serious Workplace Fraud: How it is Sustained and how Organisations Respond 
Investigators: Professor Clinton Free, Associate Professor Paul Andon, Mr Dean Newlan  
Schools: Accounting and AGSM  
Partner Organisation: McGrathNicol Advisory Partnership  
Amount of grant: $176,728 

Real Economy and Financial Networks: Formation, Structure, Policy Responses
Administering university: University of Technology Sydney  
Investigators: Associate Professor Valentyn Panchenko (School of Economics); Associate Professor Mikhail Anufriev; Associate Professor Paolo Pin  
Type of grant: Discovery  
Amount of grant: $386,000 

The Medicare Safety Net and its impact on moral hazard, equity and welfare 
Administering university: University of Technology Sydney  
Investigators: Professor Denzil Fiebig (School of Economics); Professor Jane Hall; Associate Professor Kees van Gool  
Type of grant: Discovery  
Amount of grant: $441,500 

Australian Industrial and Workplace Relations Law Library 
Administering university: University of Technology Sydney  
Investigators: Professor Peter Sheldon (School of Management); Professor Andrew Mowbray; Dr Philip Chung; Professor Andrew Stewart; Professor Graeme Orr; Associate Professor AnnaLouise Chapman; Associate Professor Shae McCrystal; Professor Mark Bray; Professor Michael O'Donnell; Dr Jillian Murray; Dr Michael Rawling; Mr Anthony O'Donnell  
Type of grant: Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF)  
Amount of grant: $450,000