From the moment you start studying at UNSW Business School, your community is here for you on campus and online - from all over the world.

Your community is made up of your fellow peers, academics, Career Accelerator, UNSW Business and AGSM-affiliated clubs and societies, as well as our alumni and industry partners.

Together, we're here throughout your student lifecycle to teach, guide, support and mentor you as a diverse and inclusive learning community. 

Girls in Business Camp

The Girls in Business Camp is designed for female students in years 10, 11 or 12 in 2021 who want to explore their future in business.

UNSW Business School Clubs & Societies

UNSW has over 300 student clubs and societies, including UNSW Business School affiliated societies. These societies work closely with the UNSW Business School to build and broaden your community and industry engagement experiences while you’re studying your degree.

Student Community

Your UNSW Business School community is here for you, no matter where you are and what you're studying. Connect with students in your degree, the wider university community, and our formally affiliated UNSW Business School clubs and societies.