There are plenty of ways you can expand your knowledge and professional skills outside the classroom. Connecting with your cohort and members of your learning community is a great place to start.  

Here are all the ways you can take your UNSW Business School student experience to the next level, and make some friends along the way.  
Explore some options in detail below, and don’t forget to download Microsoft Teams and tap into Career Accelerator’s online groups to form study groups, exchange resources and chat with other students.  

Attending O-Week? Get started with the O-SSENTIALS 

Welcome to the UNSW community!  

If you are joining us at O-Week, make sure to check out the O-ssentials session on Orientation Day to discover what you need to know to kickstart your first term, ace your studies and build a community of friends to call your own.  

Led by students from UNSW Business Clubs and Societies, this is your first connection point to your student community (including other First Year students).  

By joining us on Orientation Day, you’ll also get an O-ssentials Guide – an eBook of go-to, must-have info that’s essential to kickstart your UNSW Business School student life.  

So what are you waiting for?  

My BCommunity - Undergraduate, Bachelor-Level Business Community Channel

Are you a First Year student looking to get out of your comfort zone, and also get help with studies?  

If you haven’t already, make sure you join your peers on the BCommunity Microsoft Teams channel!  

Just download the Teams app, sign in with your Student ID, and search for “My BCommunity” and “Study Groups” to join the conversation.  

By joining the My BCommunity, you will have an opportunity to connect with your cohort, form study groups, stay across events in Clubs and Societies and chat in groups or 1-1 with your classmates. 

My MCommunity – Postgraduate, Masters-level business community channel

Whether you’re going into a new career or specialising in your chosen field, joining your peers on the MCommunity Microsoft Teams channel is a great way to connect with your learning community. 

Just download the Teams app, sign in with your Student ID, and search for “My MCommunity” and “Study Groups” to join the conversation. 

This is a channel you can turn to at any time of term as you live your UNSW Business School life. 

UNSW Business School clubs & societies

Thinking about joining a club or society, but not sure what’s in it for you?  

If you want to meet like-minded people, find new interests and connect to a community, why not sign up to a UNSW Business School club or society. 

The Career Accelerator team  proudly collaborates with 32+ affiliated UNSW Business School student clubs and societies, and works closely with them to bring you a range of industry and other events throughout the semester. These societies are also affiliated with Arc UNSW and represent schools/majors of study and business career interest areas. 

Engaging with UNSW Business School clubs and societies means having access to professional development experiences, peer mentoring programs, revision workshops and fun social and industry events!  

Keeping connected with your community

Community Wednesdays (every term, weeks 1 -3)

Community Wednesdays are a series of community events during the opening weeks of each term. They include a range of ‘how to’ sessions hosted by the UNSW Business School, as well as student-lead events delivered by our affiliated clubs and societies.

Whether you’re studying online, on campus, or overseas, Community Wednesday is open to all students in the UNSW Business School, both undergraduate and postgraduate in first year, final year or any year in between. 

Community newsletters

Keep across all the action in the UNSW Business School with the BusFeed, My BCommunity and My MCommunity student newsletters.

As a new starter, you’ll get timely updates, aimed at assisting you to settle into your learning community through BusFeed. You’ll also get My BCommunity (undergraduate) or My MCommunity (postgraduate) and Career Accelerator newsletters fortnightly.

There’s no need to miss out on anything going on at the UNSW Business School. Keep an eye on your inbox and come along to events!