The Institute of Global Finance (IGF), a world class research centre, stands at the forefront of policy research, aimed at innovation, problem solving and achieving tangible outcomes related to four key themes: global financial stability, interconnectedness, global financial governance and global prosperity, maintaining planetary resources, while strengthening individual and global financial security.

The IGF undertakes collaborative work with  international organisations, industry, policy makers, researchers and financial market participants to ensure cohesion between research, and tangible outcomes, including joint policy research, publications and effective engagements.

About IGF

The IGF is a world class Institute that is housed at the UNSW Business School. It works closely with leading national and international business and financial organisations and policy makers. The IGF aims at the betterment of individual and global security, a resilient global financial system and global prosperity, including a healthy planet.

Our people

The IGF team consists of world class researchers, experts and practitioners from various leading universities, international organisations, the finance industry and policy makers. The members of the international, regional and national Advisory Boards are amongst the most eminent individuals  in their fields of expertise.


The Strength and societal impact of the IGF’s work stems from our collaborative partnership with organisations such as the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the NYU Volatility and Risk Institute, the finance industry and regulators.


Learn more about the IGF’s research, policy and tangible outcomes on global financial stability, interconnectedness,  global prosperity, global financial governance and climate finance.


The IGF has frequently  been featured in influential media outlets promoting some of the principles, policies and measures that could contribute to overall global financial stability, more effective regional and global governance-including the role  of G20- individual and global financial security, global prosperity and climate finance.

Policy and business forums

The Institute of Global Finance (IGF) holds several high impact policy and business events each year with keynotes by eminent researchers, influential policy makers and business leaders.

Annual Australasian Finance and Banking conference

The Institute of Global Finance organises the annual Australasian Finance and Banking Conference. This conference is one of the most significant finance and banking conferences in the Asia Pacific region. It is supported by the Reserve Bank of Australia, BlackRock, ASX and the CFA Institute.

Upcoming events