Conversation classes information

The UNSW Business School offers casual “English Conversation classes” where we meet up to talk socially, get to know one another, and practice our spoken English. 

This is a great place to meet other students and gain confidence. Classes are available online and face-to-face, take only 1 hr and require no prep. In these classes a fellow student will host the discussion, making sure that conversation is easy for everyone and covers a diverse range of topics such as current affairs, friendships, Australian culture, and university life in general. 

Class schedule: 

In these classes, we chat about current affairs, social life and play English learning games. It would be great to see you there to practice conversational English skills together, gain speaking confidence and make new friends!

Our class schedule is available through the mailing list. 

To participate please sign up to the mailing list below, or email with any questions. 

Past student feedback

English conversation is a good experience for me. I have mastered a lot of new words and local slang in a relaxed conversation, which allows me to better understand the local culture and form English thinking.


The conversation class provided us a relaxed and friendly talking atmosphere. I learnt a lot about culture and interesting attractions from different countries’ classmates. I highly recommend future students choose this conversation class.

Chang Qu

This program has helped me a lot to build my confidence in speaking English. Through the weekly conversation classes, I learnt many different cultures from new friends and Australian slangs I have never heard before. Therefore, I really encourage students to join this class as they will not only improve their English skills but also expand their networks by meeting new buddies throughout the class.

Richa Ryanto

Conversation class mentors

Are you interested in becoming a Business School Conversation Class Mentor?

The Business School Conversation Classes bring together students from various backgrounds to encourage networking and friendship, while fostering continuing conversation and communication development. We are always looking for mentors to deliver our conversation class program.

Conversation class mentors are part of the UNSW Advantage program and participation in this leadership opportunity is recognised on the Australian Education Graduation Statement. 

Find out more about volunteering to become a Conversation Class Mentor.