International Business

Change How the World Does Business 

Become a globetrotter, join a borderless boardroom, and change how the world does business. 

Globalisation has changed the way we do business. To succeed in today’s global and highly competitive markets, companies are looking for professionals with a strong knowledge of the international business environment and its operations. 

International Business explores the development, management, and strategies of organisations. It looks at how firms organise and conduct operations globally, how the competitive international environment shapes business and how the roles and responsibilities of firms and managers develop with international competition. 

Your Career Opportunities 

Enjoy exciting and limitless opportunities in roles including:  

  • Asset Management Officer 
  • Business Analyst 
  • Cross-Cultural Advisor 
  • Export and Import Officer 
  • Global Product Coordinator 
  • International Business Strategist 
  • International Equity Officer 
  • International Marketing Officer 
  • International Trade Officer 
  • Policy Advisor 
  • Purchasing Officer 
  • Research Analyst