Information systems

Drive productivity, growth and innovation in the modern, digital world.

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What are information systems?

Information systems shape the technology that fuels the economy. The internet has transformed the way we buy, interact, search for, and share information. Behind every online innovation are information systems, which help businesses launch and thrive in the digital age.

Why study information systems? 

In the digital era, information systems are critical to every business’s success. Companies rely on information technology to run their businesses, drive innovation, and safeguard their future. You’ll gain the skills and experience to design, develop, and implement business databases, enterprise systems, social media, and more.

Why choose UNSW?

Along with being one of the top business schools in the country, our Information Systems focused degrees have been accredited by the Australian Computer Society. You'll benefit from UNSW Business School's strong industry connections and access to our exclusive Career Accelerator program. With our world-class program, you’ll be ready to develop, implement, and manage information technology solutions for business.

Your career opportunities

With information systems study under your belt, you’ll be an adaptive thinker prepared to enter an agile business environment, solving problems creatively. In this modern, digital world, companies will be looking for someone just like you.

Career options include: 

  • Analyst (business, systems or cyber security) 
  • IS/IT architect 
  • IS/IT consultant 
  • Technical manager 

Study with us 

What our graduates say

“My assessments focused on solving real-world business technology problems which meant I could easily apply them to the workplace on placements and after graduation.” 

Marina Boutros, Experience Designer, Deloitte Digital Australia