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What is business analytics?

Business analytics is about using data insights to gain objective insights in business and leverage them to drive business strategy and business activity in the most profitable and effective way. When you study business analytics you’ll have the skills to ensure businesses invest their finite resources of manpower and money wisely.

Data analytics is becoming more and more crucial in making sound day-to-day decisions and informing long-term business strategies. Data analysts and professionals in the field are in high demand as businesses and governments need to make sense of the huge pools of available data to make business decisions. Learn to find meaning and extract value from data by applying creativity to real-world problems. 

With the increasing impact and influence of big data on business operations, the demand for analytics professionals with skills in data analytics and business intelligence is strong and continues to grow with businesses and organisations accumulating more data than ever before. 

Why study business analytics at UNSW Business School? 

When you study business analytics at the UNSW Business School you’ll be studying at the top Business School in the Asia Pacific. We’re ranked 1st in Australia, 3rd in the Asia Pacific and 14th in the world in Information Systems by the Association of Information Systems. You’ll learn to source data, data analysis and apply data insights. Skills in business analytics can be applied to a diverse range of industries. By learning business analytics you’ll develop the skills and knowledge to find meaning and extract value from data by applying creativity to real-world problems.

In addition to statistical modelling, programming and database management, you’ll study with an emphasis on the ethical and legal issues of data governance. You’ll graduate with a holistic framework to span the bridge between business problem owners and technical experts. The specialisation of business analytics is becoming an increasingly popular specialisation at UNSW Business School.

According to Labour Market Insights over 100, 000 professionals already work in the field of management and organisational analysts. Jobs and Skills Australia projects this profession to grow very strongly and reach over 115, 600 people employed in the sector by 2026.  Entry requirements differ for domestic and international students and depend on whether you want to study a bachelor degree or postgraduate degree in Business analytics. When you view the different study options for business analytics you can also review the entry requirements for each degree.

Why choose UNSW?

As part of the UNSW Business School community, you’ll benefit from our strong connections to industry, world-leading academics, and emphasis on career development while learning business analytics. Your university experience extends beyond the classroom where you’ll also be able to join a diverse range of student clubs and societies to expand your experience, skills and meet new friends and co-founders. Our high-quality academics deliver a range of bachelor, master and doctorate degrees that incorporate current theory with practical experience from industry partners such as IBM, Deloitte, EY, IAG and PwC

The School is accredited by the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS), the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and the Australian Computer Society (ACS). EQUIS accreditation benchmarks business and management schools against international standards in terms of governance, programs, students, faculty, research, internationalisation, ethics, responsibility and sustainability, and corporate engagement.

UNSW Business School was awarded the AFR BOSS Best Business School for 2022 and 2023*. We offer a range of unique programs to ensure your study translates to the professional landscape of today. The Sandbox Education program is a platform to connect industry, educators and students, empowering them to co-create a career-focused learning experience through solving real-life challenges. This multi-award-winning program simulates a professional working environment by incorporating real-world scenarios into the classroom, creating a space for students to explore, collaborate and innovate.

UNSW Business School also offers a highly effective Career Accelerator opportunities It’s designed to help you build your professional skills to complement your studies. Choose from our diverse range of opportunities and experiences including internships, mentoring programs, industry networking events, global opportunities, and access to academic support.  

*AFR BOSS 2023 Best Business School Rankings


Your career opportunities

Roles for Business Analysts and professionals with business analytics skills are increasing daily as industries and organisations generate more data than ever before. The need for people who can turn data into insights and business strategies is significant. According to the International Institute of Business Analysis’s “Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge,” business analytics is a key function of dozens of corporate job titles, including business architect, business systems analyst, process analyst and requirements engineer.

Experts across the world project that demand for management analysts will increase much faster than average for all occupations.

After studying business analytics at UNSW your career path could include roles like: 

  • Business analyst
  • Data analyst
  • Statistician
  • Management analyst
  • Market research analyst
  • Computer systems analyst
  • Health analyst

Study with us

We offer a range of study options at an undergraduate and postgraduate level. If you want to study Business Analytics at UNSW Business School we offer a specialisation in our Master of Commerce as well as a graduate certificate of business analytics online or face to face.

Our programs are designed with industry in mind and all UNSW Business School degrees cover the specialty in depth with many skills and knowledge in connected areas as well as a foundational understanding of the ways businesses work.

We offer a variety of ways to study business analytics, from online to in-person, from an honours degree to graduate diplomas. Some of these degrees will offer part-time as well as face-to-face options to allow you to balance your upskilling and professional development with your life and existing commitments.