Study marketing

What is marketing?

Marketing is essential to every single business in today’s competitive business landscape. How to stand out from the rest, understand customer behaviour, enhance the experience, meet their needs? From innovation and new product development, to digital and marketing analytics, the your opportunities are expansive and creative when you study marketing.

Why study marketing? 

When you study marketing at UNSW Business School, you’ll learn how to build profitability by creating valued relationships with customers, suppliers, distributors, shareholders, and the community. As a marketing professional, your role is to identify and understand identify and understand customers’ needs and wants, determine target markets; design appropriate products, services and programs; develop communications to promote businesses and organisations; and determine the most effective way to deliver a service.

Why choose UNSW?

UNSW Business School are global leaders in business education. Our programs allow you to explore and a understand business as a whole and get hands-on experience through work-integrated learning, internship, consulting projects and global practicums.  You can connect with a community of to know your peers and future colleagues through Career Accelerator and diverse student-led groups and societies.

Your career opportunities

Marketing plays a vital role in all businesses, so you’ll be in high demand as a graduate with your finger on the pulse of trends. 

Career options include:

  • Advertising manager
  • Brand/product manager
  • Business development officer 
  • Market researcher 
  • Consumer insights analyst 
  • Marketing consultant 
  • Media liaison coordinator 
  • Sales and marketing coordinator 
  • Roles in fund-raising, promotions, and public relations 
  • Marketing analyst

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What our graduates say

“Even though my goal was to work in marketing, I am grateful to have an understanding of statistics, economics and human resources. It was great to get out of my comfort zone and study abroad and then put all of my new skills to the test in an internship.” 

Carla Oscuro, Campaign Marketing Manager, APT Travel Group