Materials & Manufacturing Futures Institute

Female Research Scientist Analyzes Test Tube in Medical Machine, Works with Blood, Genetic Material Samples

The Materials and Manufacturing Futures Institute at UNSW Sydney is studying, building and transforming the future of materials innovation and advanced manufacturing — we are an interdisciplinary research hub delivering real-world social benefits and tangible solutions to emerging global problems.

Driven by state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing, artificial intelligence and integrated technology, the MMFI brings together leading academics and industry-players who understand both the barriers and the opportunities in material sciences and advanced manufacturing, with diverse applications in printed electronics, transport, energy, information technology, health and much more.

31 researchers and members

Working in collaboration

12 interdisciplinary
Seed grants research projects

Pathways of innovation

Over $3 million
in support from industry

Fueling innovation

Interdisciplinary excellence

Whether it's rapid response to national and global emergencies or the everyday work in the lab, we are always striving to improve existing ideas and enable previously impossible applications, creating real-world benefits across our diverse network of research focuses.

World-class research facilities

With some of the most precise measuring equipment currently available in the marketplace, the MMFI provides the perfect foundation for excellent interdisciplinary research and advanced manufacturing engagement.

High-throughput manufacturing

Home to the most advanced high-peformance roll-to-roll printer and nanoimprint facility on this continent, and some of the highest-precision 3D printed part advanced manufacturing systems, MMFI can take your ideas from design to prototype to production line.

Dynamic industry engagement

MMFI are proud partners with several world industry-leaders in materials and manufacturing, engaging with local and global markets to drive innovation, success and resilience in emerging fields.