About us

Unveiling the vision, values, and passion that drive us forward.

Side view of researchers

Every day, people around the world are facing unprecedented changes and challenges from how we move around, survive and connect with each other, to our tools and technologies and the planet's ecosystems.

The diverse needs, desires and dreams of societies globally are emerging and changing as populations grow and connect across rural and urban environments, yet our manufacturing and material needs stay constant, adapting in form, scale, complexity.

Driven by state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing, artificial intelligence and integrated technology, MMFI brings together leading academics and industry-players who understand both the barriers and the opportunities when solving complex manufacturing problems. For example:

  • printing electronics with emerging applications in new energy production
  • distribution and storage systems, water treatment
  • transport and smart urban infrastructure
  • biomedical devices and sensors, agriculture
  • information technology.

Our aims

"Transform the future of materials and manufacturing research from manipulation of atomic arrangements to device fabrication and high-throughput industry-scale manufacturing."
"Apply artificial intelligence to materials research to significantly speed up the development of new materials."
"Engage with industry, government and community to provide solutions to important global challenges and to design systems and products that will generate economic benefit and social prosperity."

Our people

Meet our dynamic team

Interdisciplinary research and collaboration are the heart of the Materials and Manufacturing Futures Institute.

Our team consists of Professors, Associate Professors, Doctors and Postgraduate researchers from across the university, all with diverse research interests and interdisciplinary expertise that spans the globe, supported and driven by a small operational team led by the Institute Director.