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Global widespread use of drugs is rapidly increasing and presents major challenges to health and justice services around the world. The United Nations World Drug Report (2019) estimated 585,000 people died globally from the use of drugs in 2017, and 35 million were estimated to be suffering from drug use disorders. 

The National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC) at UNSW Sydney, is recognised internationally as a Research Centre of Excellence.

NDARC generates high quality research to develop and improve approaches to both prevention and treatment of addiction related problems, and to inform the National Drug Policy. NDARC is committed to increasing the knowledge of both the community and policy makers on alcohol and drug related harms, effective treatments and interventions, and creating impact through informing clinical practice. 

With collaborators across Australia and the world, NDARC has a strong network of leading research and service organisations in the drug and alcohol sector. The centre works with universities, research centres, health services, criminal justice agencies, peak bodies and alcohol and other drug service providers.

Professor Michael Farrell, Director of NDARC, says: “Insufficient long-term investment for research and application of evidence-based treatments for stimulant dependence has led governments to rely on law enforcement. Globally, and particularly in the Asia-Pacific region, policy has been dominated by incarceration, with an estimated 235,000 people detained in compulsory drug detention centres in which major infringements of human rights occur. Instead, problems with stimulants require sustained, comprehensive strategies to reduce long-term use and dependence, and substantial research investment is needed to develop these.” 

To support NDARC in its mission to help vulnerable communities and continue to inform international drug and alcohol interventions and treatments through high-quality research, tax-deductible gifts can be made here. 

To make a significant philanthropic gift, please contact Thea Kleiber, Head of Development, Medicine & Health at or M: +61 (0) 432 935 733.