The National Centre for Clinical Research on Emerging Drugs (NCCRED) is an innovative, world-leading centre bringing together clinicians and researchers to detect and respond to trends in emerging drug health. NCCRED strives to forge world-leading excellence in the treatment of methamphetamine and other emerging drugs. NCCRED aims to develop innovate and collaborative new clinical research into emerging drugs; and rapidly translate these findings into best clinical practice. NCCRED is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health.

About the program

NCCRED has three key aims:

  1. Collaborate to build scope and capacity for clinical research.
  2. Generate new evidence-based knowledge.
  3. Translate research into effective clinical practice.

The strategies to achieve this include:

  • Building research capacity at a national level by leading clinical research projects, awarding more than 1.5 million in seed and capacity building research grants, and supporting the NCCRED Clinical Research Scholars.
  • Responding quickly to emerging trends by establishing a national Prompt Response Network (PRN), a Clinical Reference Group, and NCCRED Methamphetamine and Emerging Drugs Clinical Research Network Working Group.
  • Developing clinical capacity of the AOD workforce through leading clinical guidelines and development strategies.

To find out more about NCCRED, visit the NCCRED website or contact us.

Key projects

  • The 2022 Annual NCCRED symposium is being held on Monday 7th November in Canberra 10:30am - 4pm. The symposium will present new clinical research findings which have the potential to transform healthcare responses to methamphetamine and emerging drugs. The symposium will showcase emerging research, including presentations from recipients of NCCRED’s Round 4 Seed Funding Grants, NCCRED Scholars and the current work of the Centre. Register for our event here.

  • NCCRED’s clinical research team has published an extensive systematic review of drug treatments for methamphetamine dependence and for the treatment of methamphetamine withdrawal. These are comprehensive clinical resources for Health Care Workers wanting to know more about pharmacotherapies for MA dependence and withdrawal, including a matrix of outcomes and measures used in clinical research of treatments for methamphetamine use disorder. The matrix can be viewed on the NCCRED website.

  • The Prompt Response Network is a project to share information about new and emerging drugs of concern and which enables rapid responses to reduce the risk of harm associated with them.  It is a collaboration between government departments, clinicians, consumers, harm reduction service providers, academics and other key stakeholders across Australia’s states and territories. 

    The Prompt Response Network has three core components:

    • Facilitating meetings and events between key stakeholders to share information about new and emerging drugs of concern.
    • Developing digital platforms to support collaboration and information-sharing.
    • Developing a website to inform the public about drug alerts and warnings.
  • Video Abstracts by NCCRED (VANs) are being released at regular intervals showcasing NCCRED supported research, developed for both consumers and healthcare professionals. Be sure to check in for updates on all our latest developments.

Key resources