NDARC Technical Report No. 64 (1998)


Introduction: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: an overview
1.1 Cannabis dependence
1.2 Forms of cannabis
1.3 Methods of use of cannabis
1.4 Cannabis dependence
1.6 Health and psychological effects of cannabis abuse
1.7 Cannabis treatment research

Intervention Protocol
2.1 Format of therapy
2.2 Timing and length of intervention
2.3 Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria
2.4 Assessment procedure
2.5 Classification of treatment dropouts

Guidelines for delivery of Cognitive Behavioural Treatment program
SESSION 1: Setting the scene & introduction to motivational enhancement training
SESSION 2: Planning to Quit
SESSION 3: Managing Withdrawal and Cognitive Restructuring
SESSION 4: Review of Cognitive Strategies and Skills Enhancement
SESSION 5: Reviewing and consolidating. Introduction to new skills if required
SESSION 6: Relapse Prevention and Lifestyle Modification



Vaughan Rees, Jan Copeland, Wendy Swift
Date Commenced
02 Oct 1998
Resource Type
Technical Reports