NDARC Technical Report No. 24 (1995)

This research was conducted as part of a larger national study on the treatment needs of women with alcohol and other drug problems. That study interviewed four hundred clients and staff from a variety  of treatment services on their experiences and views about the treatment needs of women.

It was recognised that a voice and perspective that has been missing from research into women with substance use problem was from those women who did not or could not access existing treatment services. This phase of the study therefore was an exploration of the question of recovery from alcohol and other drug problems among women who sought no formal intervention or assistance from self-help groups.

The aims of this study were to identify techniques developed by women with alcohol and other drug dependence in the process of their recovery which may be incorporated into existing programs and finally to explore what changes could be made in program outreach or content which may lead to their being appropriately utilised by such women in the future.



Jan Copeland

Date Commenced
04 Aug 1995
Resource Type
Technical Reports