Excessive alcohol use is an issue of concern among young Australians with people aged between 18‐29 years old most likely to drink alcohol at risky levels (AIHW, 2011). In 2010, ecstasy was most commonly used by people in this age group with one in ten having used ecstasy in the past year (AIHW, 2011).
Concurrent alcohol and ecstasy use is common among regular ecstasy users (REU) and is associated with increased risk of harm or injury and masking the intoxicating effects of alcohol.
The aim of this research was to examine alcohol use among a Tasmanian sample of REU interviewed in 2013 and compare it to a similar age group (20‐29 years) from the general population.



Clare Nicholls, Allison Matthews, Raimondo Bruno
Date Commenced
25 Oct 2013
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