This bulletin examines the percentage of consumers reporting significant adverse effects following ‘ecstasy’ use in the preceding 12 months, and correlates of experiencing significant adverse effects, among the 2018 national Ecstasy and Related Drugs Reporting System (EDRS) sample.

Key findings:

  • Among the 2018 EDRS sample, 12% reported recently experiencing significant adverse effects following ecstasy use.
  • Younger age and screening positive for potential ecstasy dependence (SDS score ≥ 3) was associated with significantly greater odds of reporting recent adverse effects.
  • These findings suggest more frequent, less severe adverse consequences should perhaps be given more attention than they are currently, and could be an opportunity for early intervention.
  • Further efforts should be made to identify novel ways to identify and engage at risk young people. Drug checking services could be one way of engaging this hard-to-reach population.



Jodie Grigg, Simon Lenton and Amy Peacock

Resource Type
Drug Trends Bulletins
Date published
09 Jul 2019