Dr Anna Olsen presented at the NDARC Webinar Series on Thursday 14 April 2022.

This presentation focused on drug checking or pill testing services, which have existed for over 50 years and now operate in more than 20 countries. Despite this long history, little research assessing feasibility or impact has been published in peer-reviewed journals. As more countries trial drug checking services, the number of peer-reviewed evaluations have grown. This seminar detailed key evidence in the literature and remaining scientific and practical questions remaining with a particular focus on the Australian context. 


About the speaker

Dr Anna Olsen is Associate Professor of Social Foundations of Medicine at the ANU Medical School. Her interdisciplinary program of research combines practical and critical approaches to public health, with a particular interest in marginalised populations and qualitative methodologies. Current research includes pill testing; opioid overdose prevention; drug use and motherhood; domestic and family violence; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health; and ethical practice in social research. She values collaborative approaches to research and has extensive experience working with government and community on evaluation and research projects.

Date Commenced
15 Apr 2022
Resource Type
NDARC Seminars