Professor Emmanuel Kuntsche from the Centre for Alcohol Policy Research (CAPR) presented at the 2019 NDARC Seminar Series on Thursday, 28 March 2019.

About the presentation:

The majority of existing knowledge on patterns of alcohol consumption is based on retrospective-recall methodologies. These are cost-efficient and convenient but are limited in their capacity to record data on the circumstances of alcohol consumption as they emerge in time and space. By contrast, the features of personal smartphones offer exciting possibilities for revealing these circumstances and tracking consumption.

In this presentation, Professor Kuntsche draws on a range of recent and ongoing ecological momentary assessment studies that focus on how aspects of the social and physical environment unfold, which has led to a more comprehensive understanding of interactions between the magnitude of factors shaping alcohol consumption in real time and real life. Professor Kuntsche shows how alcohol consumption progresses from one hour to the next on weekend evenings among young adults in Switzerland, how evenings with excessive drinking patterns can be identified and how personal drinking motives, pre-drinking, time spent in bars and the number of friends present all shape the amounts consumed during drinking events. He also discusses implications of user perception independent (‘objective’) data collection, e.g. using smartphone sensors and transdermal alcohol monitors.

The NDARC Seminar Series takes place every Thursday at 3.00pm. Members of the alcohol and other drug (AOD) sector and research community are welcome to attend.

2019 NDARC Seminar Series
Day and time: Every Thursday at 3.00pm
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