Key findings

  • Numerous sources have indicated that ecstasy (MDMA) has continued to decline in use and availability globally as well as nationally
  • A feasibility study was undertaken to assess whether broader range of stimulant use is a better sentinel sample group to target rather than sole use of ecstasy
  • Regular stimulant users (RSU) were recruited and compared to regular ecstasy users (REU) across a variety of variables
  • A total of 34 RSU participants were recruited in NSW, VIC, TAS and WA
  • Compared to REU, RSU had a similar profile across a range of variables such as: demographics, mental health and alcohol use. However differences were evident in lifetime use of certain drugs, recent use of emerging psychoactive substances (EPS) and some risky behaviours
  • Despite fluctuation in the ecstasy market, the evidence would suggest to continue to incorporate ecstasy as a hallmark criterion to monitor drug trends in regular drug consumers


Citation: Sindicich N., Scott, L., Keates, A., Rijnart, J. & Burns, L. (2011). What consumers are using now: Which drug is on top? Feasibility study of regular stimulant users. EDRS Drug Trends Bulletin, December 2011. Sydney: National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, University of New South Wales.



Natasha Sindicich, Laura Scott, Annette Keates, Janneke Rijnart, Lucy Burns
Date Commenced
05 Dec 2011
Resource Type
Drug Trends Bulletins