Key findings

  • In the national sample, females were more likely than males to have completed Year 12 and less likely to be unemployed. There were no significant gender differences in the demographic characteristics of Queensland recreational ecstasy users.
  • There were similar patterns of ecstasy use in Queensland and nationally, with only minor gender differences in both samples.
  • In both samples, gender differences were not apparent in age of first use for ecstasy, alcohol or tobacco.
  • In Queensland the median use of ecstasy was fortnightly, use of alcohol was biweekly, and use of tobacco was daily.
  • There was a trend for more females than males in Queensland to report higher levels of lifetime use of tobacco, use in the last six months, use daily or every second day, and tobacco as their drug of choice.
  • Alcohol was the drug of choice for 23% of males and 6% of females (total 16%) in Queensland compared to 13% of males and 7% of females nationally (total 11%).

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Date Commenced
01 Jul 2010
Resource Type
Drug Trends Bulletins