Key findings

  • 574 REU were recruited primarily by street-press adverts to take part in the 2011 EDRS survey.
  • Preference for ecstasy continued to decrease significantly (38% versus 27%). Those participants that nominated ecstasy as their drug of choice but reported using another drug more frequently, they did so mainly because of the lack of availability of ecstasy (32%) and low purity (15%).
  • Whilst the most popular form of ecstasy consumed on a regular basis is pills (tablet form), there has been an increasing trend in the use of powder and the capsule form.
  • Market characteristics saw ecstasy price as stable (range $20 to $35 a pill); an increase in the ease of availability in 2011 with more REU reporting ecstasy as ’very easy’ to obtain. Purity remained low.
  • Increase in ice/crystal methamphetamine recent use (17% to 26%). Other forms of methamphetamine remained stable.
  • Cocaine use remained at stable levels from 2010. Significant increases were reported in difficulty obtaining the drug and low purity.
  • Hallucinogens LSD and magic mushrooms reported an increased in recent use.
  • Ketamine, nitrous oxide and MDA also reported significant increases but remained low in relation to frequency of use.
  • Cannabis and tobacco increased in recent use and a significant increase in the proportion of daily use of these drugs.
  • EPS saw small significant increases in use of certain forms, although mephedrone saw a significant decrease (16% to 13%) in this sample.


Date Commenced
17 Oct 2011
Resource Type
Drug Trends Bulletins