This presentation was given by Daisy Gibbs at the 2019 APSAD Conference, 11-14 November, in Hobart. In this presentation Daisy discussed findings from the 2018 and 2019 Illicit Drug Reporting system with regard to factors associated with self-reported history of HCV antibody and RNA testing, HCV treatment engagement, and completion, as well as socio-demographics and past six-month drug use and health service utilisation.



D. Gibbs, S. Larney, J. Grebely, K. Butler, R. Sutherland, L. Degenhardt, R. Swanton, G. Kelly, A. Karlsson, J. Uporova, O. Price, R. Bruno, C. Salom, P. Dietze, S. Lenton, M. Farrell, & A. Peacock.
Date Commenced
19 Nov 2019
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