NDARC Technical Report No. 193 (2004)

This manual has been written for the project "Randomised controlled trial of cognitive-behaviour therapy for alcohol and other drug problems among people with a psychotic illness", funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) in 2000. The manual is not intended to stand alone. Rather, it is to be accompanied by extensive reading of the research and clinical literature, training in the approaches used and ongoing supervision.

The intervention described in this manual was delivered over 10 weekly, individual sessions. The manual firstly describes some of the theoretical and contextual background information relevant to the treatment delivered to participants, and its evaluation in the randomised controlled trial conducted over 2000-2003. Outcomes of the research are briefly summarised in a subsequent section.

Each subsequent section contains a detailed session-by-session guide to the substance use intervention evaluated in the randomised controlled trial. All handouts, homework activities and therapist and client resources are provided. Each session is preceded by a Therapist Summary Sheet that lists all the strategies and information to be covered in the relevant session. Each session description concludes with a Therapist Checklist to assist with clinical note taking, and to ensure all the essential components of the therapy session were covered where possible.



Amanda Baker, Sandra Bucci, Frances Kay-Lambkin
Date Commenced
13 Aug 2004
Resource Type
Technical Reports