Professor Shane Darke presented at the 2019 NDARC Seminar Series on Thurs, 18 July 2019.

The term novel psychoactive substances (NPS) refers to a wide range of “designer drugs” that have risen to prominence in the 21st century. In this seminar, Professor Darke describes the three main categories of NPS and examines their physical and psychological harms.

Professor Shane Darke has worked at NDARC since 1988 and is a leading world expert on the morbidity and mortality associated with substance use. He has authored more than 250 articles, 4 books and is the Regional Editor for Australasia and Southeast Asia for Addiction.

2019 NDARC Seminar Series
Day and time: Every Thursday at 3.00pm
Location: Lecture Room 122, Building R1, 22 - 32 King St Randwick, NSW 2031
Cost: Free
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15 Aug 2019
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NDARC Seminars