This report presents the results of the largest and most rigorous evaluation of a community-action approach to reducing risky alcohol consumption and related harm that has ever been undertaken world-wide. It is also the first time community-action has been evaluated using the most comprehensive economic approach available: a benefit-cost analysis. The detailed methods and results will appear in the 35 papers to be peer-reviewed and published in the scientific literature, 25 of which are already published and two are under review (see Chapter Five). To optimise the extent to which the results are accessible to a wide-range of stakeholders, community members and policy-makers, this report summarises the approach taken, identifies the major outcomes and provides practical recommendations for communities, policy makers and researchers.



Anthony Shakeshaft, Christopher Doran, Dennis Petrie, Courtney Breen, Alys Havard, Ansari Abudeen, Elissa Harwood, Anton Clifford, Catherine D’Este, Stuart Gilmour, Joshua Byrnes, Hector J Navarro, Rob Sanson-Fisher
Date Commenced
22 Nov 2012
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