Our Precision Care Clinic integrates genomic research into routine cancer care. This means we incorporate molecular genetic interpretation and insights into the care pathways for patients facing complex forms of cancer.

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Based at Prince of Wales Hospital, our data-driven clinic is informed by biomedical, patient and health services research. We continuously refine our approach based on ongoing evidence-driven insights.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide an evidence-driven integrated advisory precision care service, enabling peer discussion and shared decision making for timely individualised oncology and cancer genomics patient care.

Our vision

Making precision care routine… 

We envision a future where the unique advantages of our precision care model will compel this service to become an integral part of every Australian cancer care centre.

Precision Care Initiative

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Guided by evolving research, we provide a precision oncology service that is clinically guided and accessible to healthcare professionals and cancer patients across Australia. We achieve this by:

  • Integrating joint familial and medical oncology molecular MDTs and consultations into existing care pathways. 
  • Providing a formal structure for evidence-based peer discussion of molecular test findings, to enable shared decision making in relation to diagnosis, therapeutics, risk management, and prevention.  
  • Facilitating review and follow-up of potential implications for blood relatives.
  • Facilitating linkage of clinical and translational research opportunities, including clinical trials.
  • Recommending pathways for further molecular testing, including germline testing, integrated with their current cancer care. 
  • Facilitating peer-based support for therapy decisions related to biomarker and genetic testing.  
  • Providing a precision medicine conduit for rare genetic disorders where targeted therapy may be appropriate.

Clinic location & contact details

Nelune Comprehensive Cancer Centre
Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick NSW 2031

P: 02 9382 5111
F: 02 9382 5180
E: pcci@unsw.edu.au

Clinical team & schedule

The Precision Care Clinic team based at Prince of Wales Hospital: 

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Referring clinicians

Unlocking tailored cancer care: We invite clinicians to participate in our molecular multidisciplinary team patient discussions, which are embedded within public healthcare. Discover how to refer.

Patients & families

Empowering patients and families with answers to frequently asked questions, referral processes and the latest research for informed healthcare decisions.


Discover our research uncovering ingredients needed for seamless integration into cancer care, automating precision cancer evidence into practice, and co-designing success metrics.

About us

We're dedicated to integrated advisory precision care, offering tailored oncology advice and maximising access to targeted therapies for better patient outcomes.

Clinic schedule

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P: 02 9382 5111
F: 02 9382 5180
E: precisioncareinitiative@unsw.edu.au

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Nelune Comprehensive Cancer Centre
Prince of Wales Hospital
Randwick NSW 2031