Year: 2008

Oceanlinx Australia engaged WRL to undertake two-dimensional physical modelling of its Wave Energy System. The Oceanlinx system converts the flow of air above an oscillating water column (OWC) into electrical energy via a mechanical turbine. Wave flume tests were undertaken independently on two different types of OWC designs in the 3 m wave flume at WRL.

Phase 1 of testing involved the construction of a model based on the existing Oceanlinx OWC prototype design at a scale of 1:30. Testing was undertaken to compare the performance of the chamber under real water level time series, recorded on-site at a potential deployment location in Australia; and under synthetic time series (generated from synthetic spectra based on the same statistics observed in the corresponding real water level time series).

Phase 2 of testing involved the construction of four different model OWC designs tested with up to two orientations of wave attack at a scale of 1:33. Tests were undertaken to compare the performance of the chamber designs under both monochromatic and irregular wave attack.

following an initial set of tests to select the design having the best overall performance, further tests were undertaken to examine the internal pressures developed in the chamber for various synthetically generated irregular wave spectrums (based on the Bretschneider parametric spectrum).

The physical modelling undertaken for this project provided Oceanlinx with invaluable data for the ongoing design refinement to its Wave Energy System.

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Ian Coghlan | Principal Coastal Engineer |

Two-Dimensional Physical Modelling of Oceanlinx Wave Energy System (2008/24).