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If you are interested in the services provided at the  UNSW Psychology Clinic,  please ring our intake number  (02) 9385 3042 or complete the Contact Form below.  

Please do not send referrals if the waitlist is closed. We will not be able to accept your referral, add it to the waitlist or contact you if the specific waitlist is closed.

Also note that we are unable to provide treatment for individuals who are acutely psychotic, suicidal or in immediate crisis. For advice in those situations, please contact the Mental Health Line on 1800 011 511.


Please address all referrals, written enquiries or requests to access information to:

Shane Lee Vassallo
Psychology Clinic Director
School of Psychology

All referrals should be faxed to the following clinic fax number: (02) 8214 6848

The clinic is closed from 4pm Friday 17 May 2024 and will reopen on Tuesday 28 May 2024.