Research hubs & networks

Vision Splendid Film Fest

Arts and Health Research Group

The Arts and Health Research Group build capacity in arts and health research, publications, collaborations, and knowledge exchange opportunities, connecting and intersecting with strategic areas within the university and beyond through local, national, and international networks.

Empirical Musicology Laboratory

Formed in 2004, the Empirical Musicology Group studies emotion and expression in music. We embrace continuous response methods and use experimental designs and statistical techniques.

Intermedial Composition Network 

The Intermedial Composition Network (2015–) explores the creative practices of leading artists working in all media as a site of experiment, innovation, resilience and imagination.

Media Futures Hub

Media Futures Hub is a collection of scholars at UNSW researching justice, media and emerging technologies. We explore topics such as community and First Nations media, drones and autonomous systems and more. Our research is interventionist, innovative and fearless. Our aim is not only to analyse our world, but to help build a more just future.

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