Production resources for media

The school supports several production facilities for SAM students completing production courses, such as Video Production, within the school. These resources are limited and are only available to students within the school who have been trained in equipment use and care.

We maintain three multimedia labs, one sound lab, two sound recording studios, two stop motion labs, video editing suites, digital stills and video cameras, lighting kits, sound recording equipment. For comprehensive information about production equipment, equipment manuals and borrowing guidelines, visit Technical Resources Webster Building.

Production permissions and clearance forms

There are two kinds of clearance forms for student project performance and student project included work.

  1. Student project performance (shooting permissions): during production work, you may have to record, interview or photograph someone; if so, you need to get them to sign a release form
  2. Student project included work (copyright clearance): occasionally, you may want to use work created by other people who own the copyright to their work; if so, you will need to get them to sign a copyright release form.