Our project – Towards an effective practice model for youth detention in NSW – evaluates the effectiveness of a state government program seeking to enhance the safety and rehabilitative culture of juvenile detention centres. The innovative program seeks to achieve its goals by increasing staff interpersonal skills through specialist training, coaching and supervision. 

Our research will develop an evidence-based framework for assessing such programs in detention centres in Australia and internationally. In the process, we hope to improve outcomes and practices for young people in custody and the wider community.

The project falls under the auspice of the Criminal Justice Research consortium, and includes academics from social work, psychology, criminology and law.

Funding agency

Australian Research Council (ARC) / Linkage Project Shared Grant (LP170100009) 

Partners & collaborators

Monash University, Swinburne University of Technology, Department of Justice Juvenile Justice NSW


Dr Phillipa Evans
Lecturer, UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture