The School of Social Sciences at UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture is dedicated to conducting research that carries real-world impact.

Our skilled team of researchers are working on uncovering and finding solutions for the challenges facing society today – and those waiting in the future.

Collaboration is the key to our success. Our project teams often include experts from interdisciplinary research areas both within UNSW and from other universities. By sharing our knowledge and working together, we are moving closer to our shared goals of improving society.

Discover some of the current projects happening at our school. 

Developmental environmentalism: clean energy in Asia & beyond

This project investigates what’s driving the clean energy transition in East Asia, and how policymakers are confronting the obstacles to a new and renewable energy shift.

Towards an effective practice model for youth detention in NSW

This project will develop an evidence-based framework for assessing programs that aim to enhance the safety and rehabilitative culture of juvenile detention centres.

Resource landscapes for young people leaving drug and alcohol services

We seek to understand the resourcing opportunities of young people after exiting residential alcohol and drug (AOD) treatment, so to understand how resources are arranged and aligned in ways that maximise positive outcomes in young people’s substance use.