Research networks

Our research is recognised for its academic excellence, interdisciplinarity and social impact.

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UNSW School of Social Sciences is committed to generating new ideas and tackling the most pressing challenges facing our generation. 

Our research networks – which cover topics including forced migration, gendered violence, and globalisation and governance – exemplify our dedication to conducting research with real-world impact. 

Gendered Violence Research Network 

Gendered violence is one of the most prevalent human rights violations affecting our world today.  

Our Network – which brings together academics from UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture and UNSW Law & Justice – aims to respond, prevent and end gendered violence in Australia and beyond. 

Forced Migration Research Network

Today, one in seven people are on the move, but this isn’t always by choice. 

We look to identify ways in which the network and UNSW can support refugees and migrants who have been forced from their homes. 

Globalisation & Governance Research Network

Our network brings together UNSW academics who are interested in understanding the relationship between globalisation and governance. 

We look to better understand the opportunities – and challenges – presented by globalisation, including the transformation of power and governance.