Past Seminars & Conferences


  • Consumer Search and the Uncertainty Effect
    Seminar Series

    Date: Mon 15/04/2019 12:00pm

    Speaker: Heiko Karle

    Affiliation: Frankfurt School of Finance

  • Certification, Reputation and Entry: An Empirical Analysis
    Seminar Series

    Date: Fri 12/04/2019 11:00am

    Speaker: Steven Tadelis

    Affiliation: University of California, Berkeley

  • On the Limits of Monetary Policy
    Seminar Series

    Date: Thu 11/04/2019 12:00pm

    Speaker: Bruce Preston

    Affiliation: The University of Melbourne

  • Market Power and Spatial Competition in Rural India
    Seminar Series

    Date: Wed 10/04/2019 12:00pm

    Speaker: Shoumitro Chatterjee

    Affiliation: University of Cambridge

  • Altruism begets altruism
    Seminar Series

    Date: Tue 09/04/2019 12:00pm

    Speaker: Stephanie Heger

    Affiliation: University of Sydney

  • Per Capita Income and the Demand for Skills
    Seminar Series

    Date: Fri 05/04/2019 11:00am

    Speaker: James R. Markusen

    Affiliation: University of Colorado

  • Import competition and inequality in Mexico
    Seminar Series

    Date: Thu 04/04/2019 12:00pm

    Speaker: Hang Banh

    Affiliation: UNSW Sydney

  • Sophistication and Cautiousness in College Applications
    Seminar Series

    Date: Mon 01/04/2019 12:00pm

    Speaker: Kentaro Tomoeda

    Affiliation: UTS

  • Reindeer and Aboriginal Economic Development: Alaska 1940
    Seminar Series

    Date: Fri 29/03/2019 11:00am

    Speaker: Ann M. Carlos

    Affiliation: University of Colorado

  • The Puzzle of Educated Unemployment in West Africa
    Seminar Series

    Date: Thu 28/03/2019 12:00pm

    Speaker: Esther Mirjam Girsberger

    Affiliation: UTS

  • Coarse Bayesianism
    Seminar Series

    Date: Tue 26/03/2019 12:00pm

    Speaker: Alexander Jakobsen

    Affiliation: University of Calgary

  • Inference for Iterated GMM Under Misspecification
    Seminar Series

    Date: Fri 22/03/2019 11:00am

    Speaker: Bruce E. Hansen

    Affiliation: University of Wisconsin

  • Natural gas transmission project and air pollution in China
    Seminar Series

    Date: Thu 21/03/2019 12:00pm

    Speaker: Kaiyin Hu

    Affiliation: UNSW Sydney

  • STEM Careers and Technological Change
    Seminar Series

    Date: Wed 20/03/2019 12:00pm

    Speaker: David J. Deming

    Affiliation: Harvard Kennedy School

  • Revealed Preference in Networks
    Seminar Series

    Date: Mon 18/03/2019 12:00pm

    Speaker: Juan Dubra

    Affiliation: Universidad de Montevideo

  • Cross-Sectional and Aggregate Labor Supply
    Seminar Series

    Date: Fri 15/03/2019 11:00am

    Speaker: Yongsung Chang

    Affiliation: Seoul National University

  • Iterative Versus Standard Deferred Acceptance: Experimental Evidence
    Seminar Series

    Date: Thu 14/03/2019 12:00pm

    Speaker: Rustamdjan Hakimov

    Affiliation: University of Lausanne

  • Efficient Bayesian inference in a big data setting
    Seminar Series

    Date: Wed 13/03/2019 12:00pm

    Speaker: Doan Khue Dung Dang

    Affiliation: UNSW Sydney

  • Endowments, Exclusion, and Exchange
    Seminar Series

    Date: Mon 11/03/2019 12:00pm

    Speaker: Ivan Balbuzanov

    Affiliation: The University of Melbourne

  • The Role of Women and Men in Choices of Residential and Work Locations in Israel
    Seminar Series

    Date: Fri 08/03/2019 11:00am

    Speaker: Moshe Buchinsky

    Affiliation: UCLA