Since our launch in June 2019, UNSW Tax & Business Advisory Clinic’s Volunteer Professionals have been an integral part of our team – and our mission.

Our mission is to improve access to tax justice for marginalised members of the community by providing tax advice and advocacy, empowering individuals and small businesses through community education, and removing systemic injustice by advocating for reform.

We are grateful for the time and generous support of volunteers from accounting firms, law firms, and barristers’ chambers ready and willing to help our clients.

Essential criteria

  • A willingness to provide ad hoc assistance on a referral basis to disadvantaged clients
  • A desire to provide a service to the community
  • A willingness to undergo training as and when required
  • A willingness to share your experience and expertise with others
  • A commitment to working as a team
  • To be an active listener and to show empathy towards clients
  • To communicate the advice clearly and sensitively

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UNSW Tax & Business Advisory Clinic is open year-round. If you would like to speak with a clinic team member, please phone: 02 9385 8041.