Emma Weston

CEO & Co-Founder AgriDigital, AGSM MBA 2006

Emma Weston

Going against the grain to make a difference

AgriDigital CEO & Co-Founder Emma Weston is on a mission to transform the way the world buys, sells and stores grain. As Emma points out, the two most important people in the agricultural supply chain – the farmer at one end and the consumer at the other – also have the least power. That's something she's eager to change.

AgriDigital uses cloud-based technology to ensure farmers get a better return for their crop and reassuring consumers of the origin and quality of what they're eating.

"We're using emerging technology to solve age old problems of efficiency and transparency on a global scale."
There are so many advantages to investing in yourself. AGSM gave me a really balanced view of the world, plus an openness and an ability to participate outside of the frames of reference that I had. Whatever you think is going to be the primary benefit, I guarantee you it won't be, because the whole process of doing an MBA is to show you something other than what you already thought.

Emma Weston
CEO & Co-Founder

Feeding change

Emma first encountered agribusiness as a lawyer working on behalf of growers with the Australian Wheat Board. She found herself connecting deeply with farmers and farming. So much so, she decided to make it her career.

Now, she's applying much of what she learned from her MBA to build teams, motivate individuals and develop strategies for products and services that didn't exist and then take them to market to create new value.

"My job is to sell the vision and sweat the execution. And that's what I do every single day"

Building teams trumps technology

Emma's very clear that it's not enough to have a vision – you need to be able to empower yourself and others to make it real.

"I think I had a somewhat naïve understanding of how to manage people."

She takes a people-first approach: Building and inspiring teams is the secret to creating value. She points out that building out the team always takes priority over building out the technology.

"I went into the AGSM wanting to be better at my job. I came out wanting to run my own business"

Identifying gaps in her managerial skillset was the first step to choosing to do an MBA.

Immersed in her studies and part of an inspiring cohort, she discovered the true power of collaboration – especially in solving old problems with new technology.

Linking block chain to the supply chain

"Supply chains are complex with multiple participants, lots of double-entry, and manual handling. It's hard to match payments with title and asset transfers. There's a real lack of transparency and trust."

Introducing block chain technology brings new transparency and efficiency to the supply chain - from buying and selling to storage and logistics. The results include better returns to producers and lower costs to consumers.

"If you're looking to be on the edge of and an advocate for change, that's why UNSW exists. They're trying to do things differently, and that's the power of the AGSM"

A look at the AgriDigital website instantly reveals Emma and the team's commitment to giving farmers and ultimately consumers a better deal.

This self-described city girl from Melbourne, who started by disrupting her own views and values is giving the world a radically improved way of managing the global grain supply chain.

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