Short Courses

Rise to the challenges of an accelerated world

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As the world around us accelerates, our focus remains steadfastly on elevating leadership capability across Australia, helping organisations and leaders to rebuild, transform and thrive. From our in-person and virtual short courses that run throughout the year to our tailored learning solutions for public and private organisations, our purpose is to support you to face the challenges and realise the opportunities ahead.

Tailored learning solutions for organisations

As we look to the future, people need the right skills and capabilities to drive the organisation forward. AGSM Tailored Learning Solutions are contextualised, blended learning experiences designed for larger teams, business units and organisations. They are designed to build shared capability, behaviours and leadership mindsets to transform your organisation.

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Innovative digital learning experiences

Whether you choose a tailored learning solution, an in-person short course, or a virtual learning course, you are supported by our innovative online learning platform, the AGSM Navigator. Designed specifically to deliver interactive, best-practice online learning, the Navigator ensures you can learn anytime, anywhere.