Kristi Barrow

Digital Analytics Lead at the Australian Football League, AGSM MBA 2006

Kristi Barrow - AGSM profile portrait

Embracing the power of data

Kristi Barrow is Digital Analytics Lead at the Australian Football League (AFL) and sees digital innovation as playing a huge role in the future growth of the league.

Kristi is clear-eyed about the way forward as the pace of digital disruption accelerates in all aspects of sport around the world "Slowly is not going to work in this digital world because sport is changing so fast globally."

Translating data to decisions

As a numbers person, Kristi knows how to use data to drive decision making. She also realises her specialty is one of many and that's the key reason she took on her AGSM MBA.

"An MBA can help you understand things like HR and change management, supply chains, strategic finance - all this stuff you don’t normally have time to experience properly."

Kristi credits her MBA with helping her get a job at Expedia where she found her niche in digital marketing, which was a springboard into digital analytics "I'm here doing something I like, in an industry I love. I think it's very rare that you can do something that you like, you're good at, in an industry that you're passionate about."

The ability to integrate her business background and data-driven decision making expertise with a deep technical understanding gives Kristi a dual advantage. She's able to talk to developers and explain how something can be approached and the reasoning why behind it – then articulate tangible data-driven business outcomes to management.

"I've always found myself in roles that have been a bridge between the business and IT. That seems to be the sweet spot for me. Through automated reporting I can focus on how can we take some of our data to the next level and really start using it to help guide decisions investment decisions, highlighting priorities within the AFL brand, and across the sport."

AFL in the digital arena

Kristi is passionate about being able to communicate with different types of people, always working to enable them to deliver their best and enrol them in the journey.

"Really thinking about the people and management side, and how to get the most out of people. That was my biggest takeaway from the AGSM MBA."

Kristi's affiliation with teams and teamwork explains her current 12-month career break to work with the AFL – especially the AFLW. That and the fact she's also a mad Sydney Swans supporter.


​Since completing my AGSM MBA I've realised that my goal is to do interesting things and work with great people. I’ve been able to realise that goal at the AFL.

Kristi Barrow
Digital Analytics Lead at the Australian Football League

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