Welcome to the AGSM!

The AGSM is built on community and now, you are part of that community and make the school what it is. We look forward to working with you during your studies!

It is helpful to bookmark this page as it is your hub of information.

Orientation activities

We’re very excited to welcome you! Your online Term 2 2024 Orientation will commence with a webinar on Saturday 25 May.

1. Orientation Webinar

Date: Saturday 25 May 2024

Time: 9am - 11am or 3pm - 5pm AEST (Sydney time)

2. Orientation Intranet Page

We have a series of online webinars and information designed to assist you as a new AGSM student.

Your Orientation activities are facilitated using the AGSM Student Intranet.

You can log into the AGSM Student Intranet Orientation page using your “z1234567@ad.unsw.edu.au” username and password. If you have recently completed your course enrolment and registration, you will be able to sign in after 48 hours.

The AGSM Orientation will give you the opportunity to refine your personal, career and study goals, prepare for your studies, and meet fellow commencing students at the start of your first Term. If you have questions in the meantime, please refer to the information on this website or contact the AGSM Recruitment & Admissions Team admissions@agsm.edu.au / +61 2 9931 9490.

    1. Set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) using Microsoft Authenticator app
    2. Re-direct your student email mailbox: Ensure you get our communications, re-direct your student email (to your preferred email so you don’t miss anything
    3. Access and explore Moodle – your study/learning platform. Download your course outline, assessment details, and course materials
    4. Access myUNSW – myUNSW contains your fee statement and enrolment details
    5. Bookmark AGSM Student Intranet in your internet browser
  • Please note: Each course requires approximately 12 hours per week of study.

    • All contact will be via your Student email or via your preferred phone number (please keep this updated in myUNSW)
    • Weekly ‘AGSM Advisor’ email newsletter to your student email
    • AGSM Student Community feed on Microsoft Teams (you’ll be added in your first week of Term)
    • Via the Announcements section in your Moodle classroom
    • Emails to your student email
  • Please contact the Equitable Learning Service for assistance.

  • As soon as you commence your studies, please feel welcome to contact the AGSM Student Experience Team for advice on course selection and program progression planning. Here’s a few quick pointers to get you started:

    MBA (Executive)

    Core and elective courses

    1 Compulsory starter course: AGSM6131 Leadership

    1 Compulsory core course: AGSM6143 Strategy

    At least 3 core courses + up to 3 electives - these can be completed in any order.

    Total = 8 courses

    You can enrol in the Executive Year once you have completed the starter course and four core courses.

    Executive Year

    Executive Skills and 3 residentials


    6 core courses plus 6 courses in your chosen specialisation.

    The compulsory starter core course for all MBAX Programs: AGSM6131 Leadership.

    1 Compulsory core course: AGSM6143 Strategy

    The full program structures can be found on the website here.

    LLM MBA (Law)

    Please refer to your specified program structure on the website

    Graduate Certificate Programs

    4 courses in duration

    Please refer to your specified program structure on the website

    All students

    Please note, if you are concurrently enrolled in another degree at another institution, you must notify AGSM Student Experience. Please see the UNSW policy here: https://student.unsw.edu.au/multiple-enrolment

  • All course materials are available online from 2 weeks prior to the start of Term. Please download them from Moodle as soon as possible. Moodle is the online platform where your facilitator will post announcements and where your materials for all courses will be found (course materials are provided at no extra cost). To access your course materials, select the “click here to release course materials” notification.

    Some courses have a prescribed textbook where a link to the online copy will be located in Moodle, so you don’t need to pay for a hardcopy. Please note, this only applies to textbooks, not optional recommended texts.

    Library services

    Your course materials are all on Moodle and contain everything you need. They have embedded URLs to further sources such as articles, videos and podcasts. You are also encouraged to visit the online library to explore more materials.