Advanced Adaptive Leadership Program

Dare to be the leader our future world needs today

Today’s complex challenges require a new kind of leadership. Leadership that brings together collective action and isn’t afraid to experiment with bold, new approaches.  

The AGSM’s new Advanced Adaptive Leadership Program will help you to push the boundaries by forcing you out of your comfort zone, challenging your perspectives and developing a leadership practice that empowers you to thrive in our rapidly changing times.  

This unique 3.5-day immersion program will allow you to seize new opportunities and create real and meaningful impact for your organisation – regardless of the challenges ahead.  

Key learning outcomes: 

  • Application of  adaptive leadership practices  
  • Diagnose adaptive challenges from technical leadership problems 
  • Develop a mindset of provocation allowing you to mobilise systems towards progress 
  • Solve real world challenges through strengths-based inclusion and creativity  
  • Know how and when to push people and systems to the edge of discomfort to make the most gains  
  • Confront what makes you and others immune to change  
  • Build a toolkit to lead through ambiguity, disruption and volatility  

Course Details:

Duration: 3.5 day residential

Cost: $7,950 (inc GST, accommodation and meals)

CEMD Allocations: 6 CEMD Points

Contact Us:

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about The Academy of Adaptive Leadership at UNSW, please contact Anya Holzman.


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