The AGSM Directors Colloquium

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Setting a new standard in Australian board leadership.

In an increasingly volatile world, the role of a Company Director has never been more critical. Company Directors must lead organisations as they navigate disruption and deliver shareholder and customer value.

In partnership with King & Wood Mallesons and the Business Council of Australia, the AGSM Directors Colloquium brings together Non-Executive Directors from Australia's most influential companies to redefine the future of board leadership.

Delivered by strategy experts, experienced directors and notable guest speakers, the Colloquium provides a unique opportunity for Directors to address the pressing issues facing Australian boards.


Key Learning Outcomes:

Working with a curated consortium of non-Executive Directors, under Chatham House Rules, participants will examine a bespoke set of current Australian case studies to discuss solutions to a range of challenges, including:

  • Finding a line between growth strategy for long-term and immediate priorities
  • Managing tensions between individual accountability and collective decision making
  • Maintaining public reputation under constant scrutiny
  • Addressing lack of diversity in thinking
  • Managing crises
  • Fostering productive engagement between boards and management teams
  • Refining the legal and regulatory context and remit
  • Simultaneously delivering sustainable shareholder and customer value
  • Creating an open and transparent culture that is positive and values-driven
  • Maintaining best practice governance
  • Driving organisational performance and strategy development
  • Understanding the implications of digital disruption
  • Managing reputation and brand
  • Setting the board's role in communications and shareholder relations

Course Details:

Duration: 4 days, over two modules

Location: UNSW Sydney, CBD Campus

Cost: $9,900 (inc. GST)

CEMD Allocations: 6 CEMD Points

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